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Michael has no family and very little outside support. If you would like to support Michael by making donations of books/zines, financial assistance for commissary, stamps, letters of solidarity and encouragement, please follow the instructions below.

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Dog help me I just “fake”(?) role played Sugar Ray themed record fetishism kink scene

best gay romance of 2014: Road Warrior

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Call for submissions to Death Nerve zine


Months ago we made our first posts on this blog asking for people to submit short stories, poems, original art, theory or criticism - really just any “creative” output you might have that could relate to the subject of “horror” be it horror genre (in film, writing, or visual arts), things that you find scary, fictional or real accounts, etc. etc.

Our goal is to make a zine in the tradition of old horror/fantasy/sci-fi rags of yesteryear, and we want anyone to participate, as long as they are committed to the concept of investigating horror through a new lens, especially a lens that does not seek to perpetuate dominant ideologies (i.e. sexism, homophobia, racism, capitalism).  We hope to avoid humorless academic analysis, anti-intellectual fanboyism, and the reductive framework popular with social-justice-oriented cultural criticism.

In addition to us writing some comprehensive reviews and analyses of horror movies we like or have watched, we’re trying to put together a list of horror movies that we love for the first issue and we would love for you to send us in a list of your 3, 10, or 50 favorite horror movies for us to consider on this list.

Our new deadline for submissions is March 31st. We are hoping to release the zine soon after that.

Email any submissions or lists of your favorite horror films to deathnerve[at]





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My one-year-old dog Badger is currently experiencing some serious medical problems. He has bumps on his cornea and will go blind if they aren’t treated immediately. He also has bumps all over his ears and head. I took him to the vet the other day and treatment is going to be at least $1,000 between all of the appointments, tests, medication, and potentially surgery he will need. I currently don’t have any money to my name. I had to run out of the veterinary clinic because I wasn’t able to pay for a basic examination. After months of being unemployed, I only just found a minimum wage part time job that doesn’t even pay me enough to cover rent. I realize that I am one of many broke gay people on the internet, but if anyone could help me out, it would mean so much to me. This pup is my best friend. He is the sweetest dog in the world and he’s in a lot of pain.

If anyone is able to help out, I added a donate button to my page. Thank you <3 <3 <3 <3

please help this little princess pup feel better! 

Oh no!

Save Badger! He brings such joy to my life and has a naturally occurring Mohawk, making him the punkest dog I know. Give this angel some money!

sweet bunny!



Angel is always like, okay to good, but occasionally it’s great.